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Posted in worldweary by paulie on June 19, 2009

Paulie is a wisecracker

Paulie is a wisecracker behind a bird

Paulie is the first of three we can expect this year

Paulie is a little talking parrot

Paulie is bought by the aging Ivy

Paulie is a parrot that speaks to people

Paulie is in “purgatory” in the basement of a research lab

Paulie is sold and the allweather’s move and Paulie swears he will find Marie someday

Paulie is obsessed with her

Paulie is just one of those movies that really takes you by surprise

Paulie is a comedy about the funny and touching adventures of a very verbal parrot named Paulie

Paulie is so stupid it is no wonder that only his blood relations will have anything to do with him

Paulie is shown skiing below

Paulie is the work of some relative newcomers

Paulie is much more than babe with feathers

Paulie is a lovely little movie for family viewing

Paulie is cute and smart

Paulie is a cute character

Paulie is not a very unique name for a bird

Paulie is really paulette

Paulie is in this film

Paulie is a parrot who can speak

Paulie is a bird who belongs to a little girl with a speech impediment

Paulie is owned by callie smuder & steven e whitworth

Paulie is the story of a parrot

Paulie is trusted

Paulie is funny and clever and sweet

Paulie is clearly more than just another kids’ movie

Paulie is what a family film should be

Paulie is held up as some sort of martyr type

Paulie is a sweet man

Paulie is no poolroom flunky

Paulie is generally likeable and inoffensive

Paulie is not in what it does

Paulie is adopted

Paulie is innocuous enough

Paulie is so cute

Paulie is in his mid forties and has no dyslexia

Paulie is a wonderful heroine

Paulie is a parrot who not only mimics what people say but carries on conversations with them

Paulie is a real parrot with attitude

Paulie is fun

Paulie is forced to confront his fear of flying and continue his journey to los angeles on his own

Paulie is belligerent

Paulie is a kids film and as an adult

Paulie is forever thinking pam is holding out on him

Paulie is as similar to leonardo dicaprio as spam is to prime rib

Paulie is my best friend

Paulie is a featured soloist on Tino Gonzales’ cd Modern Day Hobo

Paulie is dol op dieren en het dierenasiel ligt haar dan ook na aan het hart

Paulie is one of Tony’s guys

Paulie is having dinner with the family

Paulie is dreamworks’ best kid’s movie

Paulie is a homeward bound type story about a parrot and the loving owner that never leaves his side

Paulie is so young

Paulie is sassy

Paulie is not dyslectic & does not have severe vision problems

Paulie is als adoptiekind haar biologische ouders kwijt en tory is bezig zichzelf te verliezen in een poging aan de eisen van

Paulie is a friend who through mutual friends we’ve spent many evenings/days over the past 10 years both home/out laughing and kicking back

Paulie is on line to the biggest payday of his career

Paulie is a parrot

Paulie is simply fantastic

Paulie is a likable new family film about a parrot who goes through a cross

Paulie is a parrot housed in a research institute

Paulie is screwing him over

Paulie is frantic when plum is reported missing on halloween

Paulie is a very cute movie with a heartwarming ending that will leave you with a wistful smile on your face

Paulie is not a husband or father

Paulie is funny

Paulie is the general manager of the brickyard cafe

Paulie is definitely one of the best action fighters in the world

Paulie is one of those to whom everything seems exaggerated

Paulie is out of control and over the top

Paulie is locked in the basement and blue

Paulie is the prideful type

Paulie is his capo and pays tribute to Tony for looking after him

Paulie is a parrot who can speak; but he doesn’t always know when to shut up

Paulie is his claim to fame

Paulie is around so his chase to find her is of paramount importance to the green bird

Paulie is in stir

Paulie is once again

Paulie is standing in the background

Paulie is still having problems getting his mom accepted into the green grove crowd

Paulie is slightly whacked

Paulie is so young

Paulie is one of tony’s guys

Paulie is appearing with his band throughout maine now

Paulie is simply fantastic

Paulie is so cute

Paulie is a parrot on a mission

Paulie is having dinner with the family

Paulie is appropriately innocent

Paulie is this little guy

Paulie is shown skiing below

Paulie is a cute character

Paulie is not at all choosy about how he gets his money

Paulie is heartbroken

Paulie is gonna be the next whackee

Paulie is

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