capitalism and the standard of living at the heart of my longings

Posted in worldweary by paulie on July 5, 2009

No crisis of values here. No foreclosure. No fear. No lack of love. No questions about what gives life meaning.

We are in a collective endeavor of the heart and it is time to reward constructive behaviour, not recycled moral talk and military empire. It’s not hard to know right from wrong in economic interaction and to encourage the emergent spirituality of what is real.

On that bright day when we were handed our diploma what did we promise?

“It is the churches duty to denounce the fundamental errors that have now been revealed in the collapse of the American banks. The market economy can only be recognized as a way of economic and civil progress if it is oriented to the common good.”
-Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedictus XVI, Feb. 2009


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