Jetwash Beach, St. Martin and youtube: a missed approach (do I still need to pay for cable?)

Posted in social network, worldweary by paulie on August 18, 2009

After ten years of dialing up it became, well, the same price to switch to simple dsl. Now I’m off exploring youtube and tv on the net. Do I still need to pay for cable? I remembered hearing about a beach in the Caribbean where people could almost reach up and touch aircraft on approach. Search turned up Maho beach, Princess Juliana airport, St. Martin, a place where people play in the jetwash of departing A340’s and 747 – 400’s.

‘Pricess whatever airport’ as one tourist’s label reads, recieves a lot of attention from tourist video and many find their way to the youtube. And an apparently serious problem is revealed: at least two videos document traffic control lapses and missed approaches involving hundreds of souls on huge transports. Intrigued, I also found youtomb reference to a suppressed news story that discussed the problem at St Martin’s small airport. Internet video is turning out to be more compelling than I expected.

Update: I opened a yt account and made this illustrative playlist:
press ‘play all’


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