How to find the Aberdeen horse-mask man (Horse Boy) in Google Street View

Posted in social network, worldweary by paulie on June 29, 2010

That’s it.  You’ve seen him now.  This is the man captured in Google’s Street View wearing a horse mask and standing around on a street in Aberdeen.  But my screen captures aren’t good enough, are they?  You still need to see him in the Google, don’t you?

Here’s how:  Copy and paste this address into Google: 16 Hardgate, Aberdeen, UK (or Scotland if your’e a devolutionist).  Search the address, select ‘maps’, find the ‘more’ drop down menu and select ‘Street View’.  You are looking up Hardgate Street.  Pan right using the onscreen directional controls.  Creepily, he is standing right next to you.  If you proceed forward down Hardgate and look back his gaze follows you, I presume as he looks at the cospicuous roof-mounted camera on the Google car.  Too bad we don’t know which way the car went.

I saw the story in the BBC’s online newswire.  They have been on it for a week but they still don’t know the guy’s name.  I instantly thought of The Godfather and I badly wanted to post a comment somewhere with the line “Johnny Fontaine never gets that movie!” but the blogs weren’t on the story.  I posted this so I could get that out of my system.

My search for horse-boy would start in the nearest pub.  This man has the body of an alcoholic, with his protuberant liver.  And where else would you wear that shirt?

I am not horse-boy.  I am Paul The Octopus.


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