While watching TV, I suddenly realize…

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How to find the Aberdeen horse-mask man (Horse Boy) in Google Street View

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That’s it.  You’ve seen him now.  This is the man captured in Google’s Street View wearing a horse mask and standing around on a street in Aberdeen.  But my screen captures aren’t good enough, are they?  You still need to see him in the Google, don’t you?

Here’s how:  Copy and paste this address into Google: 16 Hardgate, Aberdeen, UK (or Scotland if your’e a devolutionist).  Search the address, select ‘maps’, find the ‘more’ drop down menu and select ‘Street View’.  You are looking up Hardgate Street.  Pan right using the onscreen directional controls.  Creepily, he is standing right next to you.  If you proceed forward down Hardgate and look back his gaze follows you, I presume as he looks at the cospicuous roof-mounted camera on the Google car.  Too bad we don’t know which way the car went.

I saw the story in the BBC’s online newswire.  They have been on it for a week but they still don’t know the guy’s name.  I instantly thought of The Godfather and I badly wanted to post a comment somewhere with the line “Johnny Fontaine never gets that movie!” but the blogs weren’t on the story.  I posted this so I could get that out of my system.

My search for horse-boy would start in the nearest pub.  This man has the body of an alcoholic, with his protuberant liver.  And where else would you wear that shirt?

I am not horse-boy.  I am Paul The Octopus.

Local Western FL naturalists will meet to discuss the oil spill

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At the center of the West Coast of Florida, in the town of New Port Richey people will gather on Saturday to discuss how they will meet the oil when it arrives.

Many local people participate in organizations such as Audubon, Sierra Club, Florida Native Plant society and Friends of Werner Boyce – Salt Springs State Park. Many are part of more than one.

They plan to gather outside the New Port Richey City Library at 10:00am SaturdayJune 12, 2010 to discuss how to respond to the oil, how to obtain needed resources and volunteerism.

To see more of the park pictured above visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/yourboypaulie

Can I drop cable TV yet?

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Truth be told I already have. Or at least I’m down to the ‘local’ level of cable service with 12 watchable channels. It has not helped me lose the feeling I am overpaying, maybe because $20 monthly is too much to pay for that meager offering.

Anyway I’m scouring the internet for things to fill the television void and I’m having only mixed success, though I’ll admit I have evidenced a fascination for programs on the subject of the internet itself.

But this is not television by any stretch. I see unattractive people who said to themselves ‘I watch tv so I can do tv’. They imagine they are qualified to broadcast themselves wearing their MMORPG headset, without a pop filter and with no special lighting and it will look and sound fine. Makeup! I have never been so appreciative of TV with it’s real dialogue that does not rely on cursing in place of vocabulary and hosts who don’t talk over one another and titles that are spelled correctly.

Where’s that satellite TV flyer?

Posting vacation video on Youtube (Samsung HMX-H100)

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Here’s the problem: during my vacation I shot a ton of videos that I want to post on my youtube. But there will be so much material under a new subject it will completely shift the character of my ‘channel’ away from the themes and tags I’ve established. After some thought I decided to open a second account. Why not? It’s free and there’s no rule against it (that I’m aware of). Here’s the link:
Just the videos from my trip all together in one place. The most recent are at the top. These are meant to be seen full screen and in high def! And check in often since new films are arriving daily. Cheers!
video window help:

wildlife around here: video

Posted in social network by paulie on October 31, 2009

Clearing the memory cards, I made a late summer wildlife video compilation: http://bit.ly/1nzD4y

Only a youtube member can write a comment on that site. Anyone can post one here. yt is fighting to put music ads on my videos and they have muted my soundtrack.

On the local radio they have been saying time change is tonight. That is wrong, of course. The time always changes on a Sunday at 2am. Tomorrow is Saturday. Halloween. So tonight is Gate Night. Beware.

a youtube primer for an occasional visitor

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When you visit youtube you land in one of several types of video window. Here is how to take charge of the settings.

Start the playback and toggle the ‘HD’ button in the lower right of the video window to make sure you are watching in the best definition. All my videos are shot in 720p wide screen format because I don’t have a program to edit anything higher. The button resembling a flag next to ‘HD’ makes the video window full screen. You should try it. My video approximates TV quality. You have to press the ‘esc’ key on the keyboard to leave full screen mode when you are finished with it. Also next to ‘HD’ is a handy mute button though I am sure you will always find my musical choice tasteful.

If the video pauses and resumes by itself it means the data is loading over your internet connection too slowly to sustain playback. Pause the video and let the data stream arrive as observed on the progress bar along the bottom of the video window. If the data’s progress is ahead of the palyback the video plays smoothly. In any case on the second run through the video will always play smoothly.

You have the option of visiting youtube to see my page and a selection of other films by me. You will be presented with ‘related’ videos. These are not my videos and may be commercials or stupid things that just happen to share tags with my film. If you go there you are leaving the safety of my world to surf the deep blue youtube, which can be fun but takes some getting used to. A good way explore youtube is with my “favorites”, a collection of things I think are emblematic of a good youtube.

my own invention, the Angry Candle

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One of my creative outlets. The video has more information. It is high quality so don’t watch it in this little box. If you click the yt logo the site will open in a new window. You can even fullscreen it and it should look fine.

paulie is big in the Old Empire

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According to Youtube’s “insight” function there is a definite trend in my popularity. It seems my humble videos are most popular not in the US (where my English captions can be read and my music, obscure and unpopular, can be appreciated) but in Russia. Not the real Russia of today but the old Soviet Union of my Cold War youth, according to youtube’s map. I can’t say nobody was hurt in those days but wer’e all comrades now! So I say to you, my friends in the old Empire whom I love: поздравления!

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Social network for birders: whether to sign up for Twitter?

Posted in social network by paulie on September 2, 2009

Recently I said the listserv is old fashioned and as a result I was reminded that it has it’s defenders. But there is a conversation among birders about how to continue to network. Not so long ago birding communication was dominated by newsgroups with thousands of users, now those are all but forgotten because no one invests time learning to use them anymore.

The listserv is difficult to use and it leaves birders on the table. Only a few hundred are involved in all Florida, a major birding area. I am barely able to grasp the technology and participate. So what is the direction of things? I’m not sure but I am keeping an eye on the protocol known as XMPP. Twitter would seem to be a preview of this. Yes, you should try it. It’s easy to figure out and birders are already well represented there.

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Jetwash Beach, St. Martin and youtube: a missed approach (do I still need to pay for cable?)

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After ten years of dialing up it became, well, the same price to switch to simple dsl. Now I’m off exploring youtube and tv on the net. Do I still need to pay for cable? I remembered hearing about a beach in the Caribbean where people could almost reach up and touch aircraft on approach. Search turned up Maho beach, Princess Juliana airport, St. Martin, a place where people play in the jetwash of departing A340’s and 747 – 400’s.

‘Pricess whatever airport’ as one tourist’s label reads, recieves a lot of attention from tourist video and many find their way to the youtube. And an apparently serious problem is revealed: at least two videos document traffic control lapses and missed approaches involving hundreds of souls on huge transports. Intrigued, I also found youtomb reference to a suppressed news story that discussed the problem at St Martin’s small airport. Internet video is turning out to be more compelling than I expected.

Update: I opened a yt account and made this illustrative playlist: 
press ‘play all’

a Myspace webmail client?

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Why? Because Rupert can! Myspace can capitalize upon it’s billion user base and stable of advertisers and celebs to make it pay off even if no one is excited about it.

Who would you guess is the current webmail leader? I was surprised to learn Yahoo is in the number one spot.

For me the niche appeal of webmail is the continuity it offers it’s users. Young teens open an account for their covert communication and stay on because they accumulate an archive and book of contacts. Latter-day webmail offers almost unlimited space so the value of the archive keeps growing forever. The account serves them through young adulthood as ISP’s come and go with changes in their living situation.

Personally I am turned off by freemail with ads and I treat it and it’s users coldly. If you want to email me choose Google webmail. It has no ads.

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