While watching TV, I suddenly realize…

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When did segregation really end in Florida?

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This week’s Florida This Week discusses Florida’s and Tampa Bay’s claim to have been at the forefront of desegregation.  Apart from having seen with my own eyes ‘colored’ drinking fountains in a Miami bus depot in 1973, a friend tells me he knows the small window on the side of the well known Coney Island Grill of St. Petersburg was for transacting business with black people, who were not welcome inside.  He says he himself bought food through the window and it continued to be used until the 1980’s.

Fresh air

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One day my school arranged for the whole third grade to be bussed to the suburbs. The concern was that it was bad for us to spend all our time in the city, a popular notion at the time. There was even a social program called something like the ‘fresh air fund’ that brought city children to visit the country. Adults sometimes referred to me as a ‘fresh air fund kid’. Social programs did not reach me since my mother would never accept ‘welfare’.

Mr. Cole was our school’s principal and we loved him fiercely, I think because he always managed to convey warmth an love to us. His wife was the principal of another school in the suburbs where the buses took us that day. We spent the morning playing outdoor games on the school’s great lawn and after that we were paired with one of their third graders and went home for the afternoon.

I went home with none other than Mr. Cole’s little son and we played quietly in his room after a lunch made by his mom. They lived in a house! I remember the view from his bedroom (he had his own bedroom!) on the second floor was nothing but the sun streaming through the leaves of a great tree.

When the time came to walk back to his school, board our buses and go home something went wrong with me. I told Mrs Cole I could not go home. She was dutiful in asking me what was the matter and I told her if I went back I would only die. There was quite a stir, consultations with the representative from my school, etc. I was asked to elaborate on my statement and said something about how bad people would get me or I would die in the war (a reference to the Vietnam war. Word on the street was the selection was unfair and if you were selected you went there to die). I even told them about the foreboding I carried about how I was fated to die. I was sent home on the bus, of course.

One day when I was 34 years old and still a fresh air fund kid, I was enjoying a rare day out of the city with my new girlfriend who lived in Queens and had a car. Driving in Long Island I thought saw the school. The memory of that day returned and I was saddened to realize that in those times it was presupposed that survival was too much to hope for. I’d always imagined I held on the the possibilty of growing up, being bigger and stronger and maybe escaping the city and my fate.

I do not know what school I visited but in my memory it resembles this one in the town of Manhasset, NY.

Connecticut at Halloween

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These are wallpaper-sized photos. Click to enlarge.

Uncasville, Ct

The Mystic River looking south toward Mystic

Crabapple at the Connecticut College Arboretum, New London

Viburnum(?) at the Arboretum

Living in a painting at the Ct. College Arboretum

Ct. College Arboretum

Norway Maple, Ct. College Arboretum

Stone wall with Parthenocissus quinquefolia, the Virginia Creeper. Ct. College Arboretum

The 1885 schooner Amazon at Mystic Seaport

Euonymus alatus at Harkness Memorial State Park, Waterford, Ct.

A private house, formerly the Nut Museum of Old Lyme, Ct.

Railway bridge over the Connecticut River in Old Lyme looking toward Old Saybrook

Goldenrod gone by at Harkness Memorial State Park, Waterford Ct.

Mystic Seaport

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Jennifer Mee’s Myspace: the screen captures

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btw Rachel Robidoux is Jen’s mother.

Cash for my coffin

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It’s hard to know what you can recycle. It was too disco for me anyway.

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Street art in the big 727

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Yeah maybe it is generous to call it art but I prefer to since the 727 is a normally creativity – free zone.

It was a bad idea to make an arrangeable sign that is so short you don’t need the pole – mounted – suction – cup tool to rearrange it.

The most clever part of this installation is the timing.  The long labor day weekend gave it an extra day of life.

I look forward to future mischief.

I wonder if this installation was by the same artist:  http://sicluceatlux.wordpress.com/2009/02/21/street-art-exists-in-the-big-34691/

How to find the Aberdeen horse-mask man (Horse Boy) in Google Street View

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That’s it.  You’ve seen him now.  This is the man captured in Google’s Street View wearing a horse mask and standing around on a street in Aberdeen.  But my screen captures aren’t good enough, are they?  You still need to see him in the Google, don’t you?

Here’s how:  Copy and paste this address into Google: 16 Hardgate, Aberdeen, UK (or Scotland if your’e a devolutionist).  Search the address, select ‘maps’, find the ‘more’ drop down menu and select ‘Street View’.  You are looking up Hardgate Street.  Pan right using the onscreen directional controls.  Creepily, he is standing right next to you.  If you proceed forward down Hardgate and look back his gaze follows you, I presume as he looks at the cospicuous roof-mounted camera on the Google car.  Too bad we don’t know which way the car went.

I saw the story in the BBC’s online newswire.  They have been on it for a week but they still don’t know the guy’s name.  I instantly thought of The Godfather and I badly wanted to post a comment somewhere with the line “Johnny Fontaine never gets that movie!” but the blogs weren’t on the story.  I posted this so I could get that out of my system.

My search for horse-boy would start in the nearest pub.  This man has the body of an alcoholic, with his protuberant liver.  And where else would you wear that shirt?

I am not horse-boy.  I am Paul The Octopus.

Dear BP: this is my beach

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Dear BP and your friends in Washington (please forward to Sarah Palin and Republican Congressman Joe Barton).  This is my favorite beach (link to video).  It’s close to my house and I come here every few days to walk and to see what I can see.  I usually have my small video camera with me and I done a lot of shooting there.  I have a library of films of the species you might see, however inconspicuous.  I have already posted some of my films to youtube.

You might think you’re over the hump with this oil spill but my anger is only just rising as the oil comes closer to me.  If I can control myself I will translate my anger into action.  I was thinking of re-shooting all of the same places and species once they are covered with oil.

Actually, I have three youtubes.  And I have a wordpress, a digg, a technorati, a twitter, a buzz, a friendfeed, a facebook and a myspace.  Yes, that is a lot of places to post but don’t worry it’s no trouble.  They intersyndicate automatically.

I heard you had goons keeping people off the beach in Louisiana and Alabama. That wont work with me.  I am a goon.

Can I drop cable TV yet?

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Truth be told I already have. Or at least I’m down to the ‘local’ level of cable service with 12 watchable channels. It has not helped me lose the feeling I am overpaying, maybe because $20 monthly is too much to pay for that meager offering.

Anyway I’m scouring the internet for things to fill the television void and I’m having only mixed success, though I’ll admit I have evidenced a fascination for programs on the subject of the internet itself.

But this is not television by any stretch. I see unattractive people who said to themselves ‘I watch tv so I can do tv’. They imagine they are qualified to broadcast themselves wearing their MMORPG headset, without a pop filter and with no special lighting and it will look and sound fine. Makeup! I have never been so appreciative of TV with it’s real dialogue that does not rely on cursing in place of vocabulary and hosts who don’t talk over one another and titles that are spelled correctly.

Where’s that satellite TV flyer?

The Albatross’ cathedral

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We had come more than three thousand miles and we’d seen them in their twos and threes – then we found this place. It’s their cathedral.
A birder told me we were seeing Black-Browed Albatross, and sometimes the all-dark Storm Petrel.

Google real time search: fun I can have at work

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…men’s courses will foreshadow certain ends, to which, if persevered in, they must lead. but if the courses be departed from, the ends will change. Say it is thus with what you show now.

The Scroogy IT guy has warned there will be no social networking, video or even streaming audio. No personal webmail either.  But now Google has real time search that updates just like friendfeed and it incorporates friendfeed and twitter posts! The feature is new this month and it was very entertaining at work today.  The IT guys will not get around to caring that amuse myself this way for a long time to come.  They never even finished chasing the myspace users.  Learn more here: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/

All my best, merry Christmas and happy holidays,
p.s. I love the wordpress snow!

walmart does it’s own bad PR

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These stately Live Oak trees were crudely cut for no apparent reason and then left in that state for months along US19 where they are seen by thousands of people each day.  Can it be other than a deliberate statement?

shuttle launch as seen from my street

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Shuttle Atlantis launches as seen from my street at a distance of 120 miles. I’m working on my edit process to retain more of the cam’s original sharpness.

hurricane Ida

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paulie is big in the Old Empire

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According to Youtube’s “insight” function there is a definite trend in my popularity. It seems my humble videos are most popular not in the US (where my English captions can be read and my music, obscure and unpopular, can be appreciated) but in Russia. Not the real Russia of today but the old Soviet Union of my Cold War youth, according to youtube’s map. I can’t say nobody was hurt in those days but wer’e all comrades now! So I say to you, my friends in the old Empire whom I love: поздравления!

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hot beer, Winn Dixie

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I live in the souf now and I am still learning the language.

Jetwash Beach, St. Martin and youtube: a missed approach (do I still need to pay for cable?)

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After ten years of dialing up it became, well, the same price to switch to simple dsl. Now I’m off exploring youtube and tv on the net. Do I still need to pay for cable? I remembered hearing about a beach in the Caribbean where people could almost reach up and touch aircraft on approach. Search turned up Maho beach, Princess Juliana airport, St. Martin, a place where people play in the jetwash of departing A340’s and 747 – 400’s.

‘Pricess whatever airport’ as one tourist’s label reads, recieves a lot of attention from tourist video and many find their way to the youtube. And an apparently serious problem is revealed: at least two videos document traffic control lapses and missed approaches involving hundreds of souls on huge transports. Intrigued, I also found youtomb reference to a suppressed news story that discussed the problem at St Martin’s small airport. Internet video is turning out to be more compelling than I expected.

Update: I opened a yt account and made this illustrative playlist: 
press ‘play all’

firework video psa

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As a public service I call attention to what can happen if you hide your fireworks from your mother by storing them in the oven of your cute saltbox – style house:
play video..
caution: racy language, drunk language, drunk racy language, cursing

the Spirit was immovable as ever

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Before I draw nearer to that stone to which you point answer me one question: Are these the shadows of the things that will be, or are they shadows of things that may be, only?’

Still the Ghost pointed downward to the grave by which it stood.

Men’s courses will foreshadow certain ends, to which, if persevered in, they must lead, but if the courses be departed from, the ends will change. Say it is thus with what you show me!

The Spirit was immovable as ever.

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