Frog chorus at the Heron’s water hole

Posted in florida garden, nature by paulie on July 2, 2010

After months of gradually drying up the heron’s waterhole filled in a few minutes with the first good rain of summer.  The fact that it dries out so badly is hard on the fish but is what makes this a good frog pond and here and there you can see them busily amplexing on the surface.  One of the calls you hear is the Bufo Marinus, whose trill is nearly indistinguishable fron the Screech Owl’s.  The rule is if the call is coming from the ground it’s the toad.  If it’s from a tree it’s the owl.  Bufo Marinus, the Marine Toad is non-native, grows as big as a dinner plate, and secretes poison.


tiny, cute frogs have arrived

Posted in nature by paulie on July 1, 2009


Some summers a crowd of these will appear, always in exactly the same place near where my mother lives. What kind are they? Are they the froglets of a larger species or will they always be so small, less than ½ inch! I detained one for studio photography and when it was released it chased and ate ants right away despite this abuse. If I find out their name I will append it here.

As of 8 this eve, 7/3,  four of my cognoscenti thought this was an Oak toad, three a Greenhouse frog and two a Southern toad but there was a new call late last night between rains and it sounded like a Greenhouse frog!

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