Can I drop cable TV yet?

Posted in social network, worldweary by paulie on April 13, 2010

Truth be told I already have. Or at least I’m down to the ‘local’ level of cable service with 12 watchable channels. It has not helped me lose the feeling I am overpaying, maybe because $20 monthly is too much to pay for that meager offering.

Anyway I’m scouring the internet for things to fill the television void and I’m having only mixed success, though I’ll admit I have evidenced a fascination for programs on the subject of the internet itself.

But this is not television by any stretch. I see unattractive people who said to themselves ‘I watch tv so I can do tv’. They imagine they are qualified to broadcast themselves wearing their MMORPG headset, without a pop filter and with no special lighting and it will look and sound fine. Makeup! I have never been so appreciative of TV with it’s real dialogue that does not rely on cursing in place of vocabulary and hosts who don’t talk over one another and titles that are spelled correctly.

Where’s that satellite TV flyer?